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A one-stop production shop that offers: a concept to delivery service for the entertainment industry, by providing state of the art studios that offers a complete in-house art department, pre-production, production and post-production facility with extensive visual effects and audio department along with on-site and remote staff and film crew as well as having their own casting, location, legal, IP, marketing, sales & distribution teams. 

London Digital Studios offer the very best Hollywood and European creative, technical and production personnel with the best creative and technical solutions. lead by many industry leaders with a highly skilled staff of artisans, technicians, and engineers behind them.

Our credibility comes from the creative knowledge, expertise, and passion of our people. With our artists, designers, technicians, stunt coordinators, SFX & VFX supervisors, producers and directors, you are in safe and capable hands and will take your production to the next level.

With a winning team that has worked with some of the greatest directors and producers in the filmmaking process to help design, plan and make beautiful films, we focus on finding innovative, economical solutions to support your production.

We bring you some of the best of UK and Hollywood creatives to your production as we are fired by passion for what we make, the people we serve, and the people we work with.



We cultivate creativity and are driven to create and innovate ideas that help shape your vision into spectacular reality, through imagination, technology, and hard-work and art.

With our leading people who have worked on some of the most successful movies with some of the greatest directors and producers across the filmmaking process to help design, plan and make brilliant films.

We focus on finding innovative, economical solutions to support your vision and achieve great results.



Founder & Company Director  


With over 15 years of HR Management & Leadership experience combined with Film production experience, Bharathi is an astute Entrepreneur with a strong background in Organisational Strategy Development & Corporate experience where she worked with several Global Blue-Chip companies like Microsoft, Google, and Oracle.

With a proven track record of managing multiple stakeholders, with excellent relationship management skills, she set up several companies in various fields and came out with successful exits. With her people skills and passion towards the Arts & Entertainment industry, she has produced several films & TV productions which have
won accolades British & Asian Film Industry.

She has developed key contacts in the Bollywood & Tollywood Film Industry and is now working on several film projects involving Bollywood & Hollywood actors.  


Executive Producer


With 30plus years experience, Mr. Barrows began as a humble servant to Rock n" Roll playing bass guitar for "No Class, F.U., Dirty Looks, and Rumble Dog". While playing session Bass for "N.W.A., Tupac, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Nancy Sinatra, Ike Turner, Mick Fleetwood, Herb Alpert, etc, etc". Engineering and mixing artists such as INXS, Ozzy Ozbourne, Morrisey, U2 The Chairman of the Board, Earth Wind & Fire, Ray Charles, Atban Klann "Black Eyed Peas: Rage against the Machine, Boo Yah Tribe, Faith No More, Johnny Guitar Watson "R.I.P.", Brian Wilson, Lemmy Kilmister "MOTORHEAD" Lee Hazelwood and show's such as The Sinatra Show "The London Palladium, David Leveau", The Tony Danza Show. Michael Jackson's "Earth Song", Kill Bill "BANG BANG", Hustle and Flow, Human Nature "Tim Robbins" and The Sopranos, then moving to Production Management touring with major productions such as Nancy Sinatra, Frank Sinatra Jr. E.W.F., The Commodores, including venues such as Royal Festival Hall, Carnegie Hall and Dodgers Stadium.


He has since worked on extensive film projects in the film industry in all aspects

of production. From sound to editing to directing and filming, The go-to-guy when it comes to producing motion picture, sound on all projects.